First own eurorack module released

Yes! Released the first eurorack module from my own startup company “sinneb musical technology”. For now I only have one, which I used to create the demovideo and the poster. I’m ordering components so a first batch of 8 modules should be available soon. Please check my instagram for information regarding availability.

Here are the Eagle schematic and board files for both the frontpanel and the components PCB:

frontpanel Eagle files

components Eagle files

Here’s the PDF version of the Eagle schematic

PDF version of schematic

Nothing too fancy, just a good module to get things going. A nice touch is that the frontpanel is a PCB, that is also fabricated by the PCBhouse. To develop the frontpanel I’m using Eagle combined with EagleUp v4.5. This allows me to view the design in 3d in SketchUp. Really nice and free solution.

And, last, the announcement poster.