edusynth, the boards!

Boards have arrived from China, Fast service! Ordered 10 board 24 hour rush on friday night because of Chinese new year and tuesday (today) the boards have arrived already. Boards look great, unfortunately green because of the 24h rush service but good quality.  20160202_212549 copy-1600  Unfortunately I made some errors, which I’ll document here for future reference.

The picture above shows the board missing Eagle layer 25 (tNames) which I used to designate the input and outputs pins… Illustrated below:


The Gerber file for production was created (by me) without this layer. I have to better check the Gerber’s in the next round.

20160202_212606 copy-1600

The holes to mount the board are only 2mm which seems too small to be of actual use. Well, during construction of the boards I might find a handy solution. Next time: bigger mounting holes. Also, the holes for the capacitors are too small. Update the capacitor footprint for the next time.

20160202_212619 copy-1600

The footprint for the various pots have a small error. The drilling holes for the three connectors are as big as their soldermasks, resulting in soldermasks being completely drilled away. Measurements with a DMM indicate that the holes will work because of the through plate connection. Next time: fix footprint for pots

20160202_212717 copy-1600

Last one (rotated). Some traces are very close to the edge of the board. Extend the board a little with regard to the traces.

Now on to the actual construction!