Impressed by Thor!

Wow! I decided to give Reason 6 a good try. First of all I wanted to recreate the sound of my last analog prototype (see and listen to the previous post). Oh, here’s a picture of that prototype btw:

In Thor I recreated the sound of a single analog oscillator like so:

A single Analog Osc generating a sawtooth waveform, no filters, enveloppe only sustain. Sounds… the same! Listen for yourself:

ReasonanalogFLAC by sinneb

This recording was made via the buildin soundcard of my MacBook. Sound quality will improve when better audio interface hardware equipment is being used. The soundcloud conversion didn’t work out, not in PCM nor FLAC…

My soundcloud comment:

Tough upload, still sounds horrible. It’s not that important, just wanted to let you hear the hard-to-hear difference between my own VCO prototype and a construction in Propellerhead Reason’s Thor synthesizer.